This group was created to act as a centralized location for Chicagoans to gather information about up and coming movements, marches, protests, and shed light on community injustices and the people who perpetrate them. This group is about calling people to action, and not about discussion beyond organizing a plan. Pointing fingers gets us nowhere, where activism with a plan does. So let's make the difference.
We started the Chicago Community Activism Magazine as a way to recognize and highlight the activities of group participants. We appreciate their efforts and want to thank them by bringing attention to them in hopes to have others join them in making our communities better through action.
Afrika Cover.jpg

February 2021 Inaugural Issue

Activism Spotlight- Afrika Porter

Organization Spotlight- Girls Like Me Project

Youth Spotlight- Amina Sunshine

Featuring Black Culture Wellness, White Jesus and Its Use In White Supremacy, and more!!!

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Juneteenth 2021 Issue

Activism Spotlight- Richard Wallace

Organization Spotlight- National Black Agenda Consortium

Youth Spotlight- Jahkil Naeem Jackson

Featuring What Is Juneteenth, Survival Economies Report, Black Agenda: Reparations, and more!!!

Next Issue September 2021