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Are you a resource to the community, but do not know how or where to get started being active? Custom Resources will help you find your way. Join now to become a custom resource.

This group was created to act as a centralized location for Chicagoans to gather information about up and coming movements, marches, protests, and shed light on community injustices and the people who perpetrate them. This group is about calling people to action, and not about discussion beyond organizing a plan. Pointing fingers gets us nowhere, where activism with a plan does. So let's make the difference. We started the Chicago Community Activism Magazine to highlight group participants.


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Employment Opportunity Network is a 17,000 member social media group created and managed by Geoff Watts. Within the group, job opportunities and social services available in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are shared to assist those who are in need. They create opportunity to practice mutual aid, by working with the entire individual beyond employment by pooling resources to assist. Custom Resources supports this effort, and is often part of the mutual aid partners.




Conscious Minds Film Series explores the entire American experience, by promoting documentaries from often overlooked and underserved communities. These documentaries are meant to engage conscious thought and challenge one to look deeper than the traditional information.


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Gorman House Lending Library Literacy Program

Through a partnership with Gorman House Publishing we establish Little Lending Libraries all throughout Chicagoland to promote literacy. We partner with other community organizations to increase the impact, frequency of book rotation, and promote parents reading to their children.


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Soul Selector DJ Program

Working with the Soul Selector DJs we created a curriculum to teach youth the art and science behind deejaying.


Soul Selector DJ Programs

Soul Selector DJ Programs

Watch Now


Marquinn McDonald of Quantum Martial Arts started a neighborhood watch program in the Bronzeville neighborhood in Summer 2019. The program has grown in participation from the community. Custom Resources has been working to create identity and amplify participation with this effort now called Watch Guard, Watch Guard has partnered with other neighborhood watch programs to create the Community First Safe Passage Initiative to help curb car jackings and show a presence to act as a deterrent. Our goal at Custom Resources is to present this as a workable model, that can be used to help increase the peace in statistically violent neighborhoods.


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The Chicago Hip Hop Heritage Museum celebrates, honors, and cherishes the community that nurtured collective talents and creative energies within the elements of Hip Hop.

In June 2021, Custom Resources, the ChiRock Nation (Chicago Respect Our Creative Kids/Kings), and Diverse City collaborated to create the Chicago Hip Hop Heritage Museum to commemorate the 18th annual Hip Hop Heritage Month in July as designated by the City of Chicago. The exhibit opened July 3rd, 2021.


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