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Efflorescence Community Yoga
9am - 10am

Efflorescence Yoga Instructor Tiffany Gorman leads a free community Yoga session to help bring focus, balance, and peace.

Find out More about Efflorescence Yoga

Custom Resource Village
10am - 4pm

Custom Resources NFP will host a weekly resource village for the community. This village will feature food pantry and Amazon overstock giveaways, organizations offering services to the community, youth entrepreneur spotlights, vendors, and more!



Partnership Organizations (Assisting with Pantry and Giveaways) and Volunteers Contact

Sharon Chester -  773-954-1090

Resource Service Organizations (Promoting Services in the Community), Youth Entrepreneurs, and Vendors


Soul Selector DJs
10am - 6pm

The Soul Selector DJs Spin featuring resident DJs

Dink Fame, Dave Sizzle, Mike Saunders, DJ Wrek, DJ Chill, Mr. Magoo,

and Special Guest

Kings and Queens of Sports
Softball League
12pm - until

Teams Stick Talk, Harlem Knights, A.F.C. Lions, Da Gunline, and Arsenal face off weekly for the title and prize associated with being the champion of the league.

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