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Marquinn McDonald of Quantum Martial Arts and Fx Nozakhere started a neighborhood watch program in the Bronzeville neighborhood in Summer 2019. The program has grown in participation from the community. Custom Resources has been working to create identity and amplify participation with this effort now called Watch Guard, Watch Guard has partnered with other neighborhood watch programs to create the Community First Safe Passage Initiative to help curb car jackings and show a presence to act as a deterrent. Our goal at Custom Resources is to present this as a workable model, that can be used to help increase the peace in statistically violent neighborhoods.


Black people are valuable and worthy of protection and compassion.


Rebuilding and reconnecting the village through service to our people.

Oct 16, 2021, 2:00 PM CDT
Quantum Martial Arts
Presented by QUANTUM MARTIAL ARTS AND FITNESS and WATCHGUARD CHICAGO in honor of Domestic Violence Awarenesses Month .
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